The Doozy Inker

636 ratings
I want this!

The Doozy Inker

Kyle T Webster
636 ratings

This one's a doozy! By popular demand, you can grab my 'Draw Along' inker right here. It's got all the features you want in a great inking tool - hint of texture, great snap, natural feel, and the tiniest hint of unpredictability in the edge quality of the line. 

Price: FREE
(Gumroad makes it 'pay what you want' so if you want to contribute a $1, you can, but this is ABSOLUTELY NOT NECESSARY - just enter "0" in the 'Name a fair price' box, and you're good to download the brush.)
I hope you make some great drawings with it, and it makes you happy.
Stay safe out there, everyone.

Required: Photoshop CS5 and up. And, it works beautifully in Adobe Fresco!

-To Install-
Photoshop CC: 1) Open Photoshop 2) Double-click the .abr file you downloaded 3) Brush will appear in your Brushes panel.

Legacy Ps: Select 'Import Brushes' in your Brushes panel dropdown menu (top right corner of panel). Navigate to the file, and select to install.

I don't provide customer support, so if you have any issues, please hunt around online for info on installing Photoshop brushes - very easy to do! 

I want this!

One Photoshop ABR file

Pressure-sensitive drawing tablet
4.6 MB


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