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Kyle's Photoshop Action Set for Artists

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44 actions for the price of 2 coffees!

These 44 Single-Click actions have saved me many hours in my digital illustration work. The matting, image adjustments, and color flats options alone will noticeably increase your efficiency! Take the guesswork out of color with the simple palettes - use them for the whole artwork or use them as a starting point to get you to your final palette. For a full preview of the actions, watch this video:

Included actions:

  • Rotate, center, flip layers or selections with 1 click
  • Quick opacity changes (1 click)
  • Increase/decrease line weight for your drawings in a single click
  • 1 click to add a matte behind line art
  • 1 click to make solid, clean, aliased line art from a scan or from a digital brush that has texture or varied opacity
  • 1 click to create a layer for color flats!
  • 1 click to expand your color flatting layer's separate colors edge-to-edge for even more seamless trapping*
  • 10 single-click image adjustments
  • Instant thumbnail layers (simplified color, Notan)
  • 1 click to stroke layer contents or selections with any brush
  • 1 click to generate 7 different color palettes from your foreground color
  • 1 click to make any artwork, palette or layer print-friendly
  • BONUS!: 4 Quick Manga Background actions - import any photo and turn it into simplified line art with or without halftones (aliased and anti-aliased options).

All actions have been tested for Photoshop CC 2021-2022.
*Some actions may not work on Photoshop versions released earlier than CC 2021 – I have not been able to test them on earlier versions of Photoshop.

There are instructional videos included in the download files. Please watch them!

Note: my color flatting/color expand action works quite well for simple line art, and even some mildly complex line art, but gaps must be closed for good results. For the gold standard plugin for color flatting in Photoshop, check out B Pelt's brilliant plugin – I highly recommend it for comics professionals. Find it here:

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Kyle's Photoshop Action Set for Artists

56 ratings
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