Kyle's Basic Inker

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You know how you're always trying to tweak the settings of the Basic Hard Round brush in Photoshop but it's never quite right for inking? I attempted to solve this problem for you with this brush (3 variations included). I hope you like it. The goals were:
1) More 'snap.'
2) Sharp lines/edges.
3) Better taper.
Please let me know what you think, and if you like it, please share the link on social, etc. Thanks.

The brush is FREE. Just enter a '0' in the price box and tap the 'I want this' button. You'll be all set.
(If you want to pay a dollar, that's very generous, and I thank you very much, but this is not necessary.)

This brush probably will work best in Photoshop (that is where it was designed and tested). I have not tested it in Adobe Fresco, but it will likely work pretty well there, too. If you have a Wacom tablet, I recommend first trying this brush with the default pressure settings for the tablet, but you can tweak accordingly to suit how you draw (more pressure/less pressure).

TECHNICAL NOTE: A few users are reporting that there is a glitch with some Wacom tablets that causes a sort of 'blob' at the beginning of each stroke (depends on your operating system, Wacom drivers ...). To correct this, simply open the brush settings panel and turn off the option that reads, 'Build up.' Then, save a copy of the brush with this option turned off, if you like.

You'll get an ABR file in the download.
In the Photoshop brushes panel, navigate to the tiny dropdown menu in the top right and then select the option to 'Import' brushes. Find the ABR file and open it. It will show up in your list of brushes as, 'Kyle's Basic Inker.'

Friendly reminder: I have created over 2000 custom brushes for the Adobe brush library. You can find them all here.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy drawing, everyone.
- Kyle

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Kyle's Basic Inker

281 ratings
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