Kyle's Super Lasso for Photoshop

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•Photoshop CC 2022 or later versions required.

Draw or delete INSTANTLY with your selection tools, thanks to the new Super Lasso!

  • Your Lasso tool(s) and Marquee tools can now assist you in drawing instant shapes with varying opacity, feathering, and assigned stroke widths!
  • Erase areas of your art just as quickly with the Delete function.
  • Need to add a stroke to any selected area quickly with no fill? Save steps and do it all instantly with Super Lasso!
  • Choose to have Photoshop create a new layer for every new selection-based-shape you draw, so you can keep them separated and easily editable.
  • Set your feathering values for both stroke and fill in one place for quick work.
  • You can even use the 'Average' option to select areas in your artwork that fall between multiple different colors and Super Lasso will mix these colors together to create an 'average' of all of them in the selected area.

- Plugin is for Photoshop CC 2022 or later versions - it is NOT tested or guaranteed for earlier versions of Photoshop.
- Instructional videos + Installation instructions.

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Kyle's Super Lasso for Photoshop

46 ratings
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